-Septic Inspection-

A proper septic inspection is difficult. No inspection will be 100% accurate. The more information and visibility the inspector has for the inspection, however, the better he can perform his job and the more accurate the evaluation will be.

The following is requested of the seller/Listing realtor prior to the inspection:
  • Do NOT have the system pumped or cleaned PRIOR to the inspection
  • Have the tank lid exposed and available to be opened
  • Have location of drain fields marked if not obvious


    Prior to the hydraulic loading of the system (adding water and dye), the tank levels are checked and recorded. A tank level below the outlet indicates a breach in the tank. A level above or into the outlet indicates a saturated field.

    The drain field is probed to determine the effluent level in the field. A level more than 2" into the stone suggests field saturation.

    The conditions of the baffles are observed. Damaged baffles adversely affect the solids distribution in the treatment tank and possible entry of solids to the drain field (exit baffle).

    If the above conditions are acceptable, hydraulic loading of the system now begins.

    Hydraulic loading is the introduction of a pre-determined amount of water - with a tracer dye - into the system. The fluid amount is based on the number of bedrooms and is calculated at 50 gallons per bedroom, plus an additional 50 gallons if the house is unoccupied.

    The levels in the tank and field are monitored during and after the hydraulic loading. A rapid rise in the tank level usually indicates a line blockage to the field (the closer the blockage, the more rapid the rise). If the treatment tank level rise is gradual, it normally indicates a blockage further into the field or a saturated (which would be confirmed during the probing of the field). Occasionally partial saturation of the field is noted, indicating a blocked lateral or out of level distribution box.

    On systems found to be marginal, it is suggested that a full 400 gallon/day for two (2) days hydraulic loading test be done as further evaluation.
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